Flying Magazines

Air and Space

Air and Space is a magazine that is published by the National Air and Space Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution. The magazine publishes articles on the history of aviation, modern and military aviation, and space exploration.

Each issue of Air and Space contains articles on modern and military aviation. One recently published feature covers the Solar Impulse, a solar powered plane capable of flying day or night that made the trip across America. Another writer studies what he calls Alaskas crash epidemic and looks at the ways in which technology and one FAA regional office ended it. Those interested in military aviation can read about the Stealth Bomber Elite, a plane so rare and technologically advanced that fewer than a hundred pilots will climb into its cockpit.

Plane and Pilot

Plane and Pilot is a magazine that is devoted to the art of flying. The magazine publishes aircraft reviews written by professional pilots, articles on flying proficiency, and articles about aviation in general.

Each issue of Plane and Pilot contains articles on flying proficiency.

One article titled The Logic of Flaps reminds pilots of the importance of a piece of equipment that is used to slow an aircraft down while in flight. Other articles focus on reacting to potential problems such as engine loss, sudden changes in values, and bad weather.


Flying is a monthly magazine that is devoted to aviation. The magazine publishes features on aircraft, reviews of aviation gear, and guides for various aviation techniques.

Flying is known well for publishing features on aircraft. One recent feature uncovers the amazing stories behind some of the rarest airplanes in the world, including the de Havillard Mosquito, also known as the Wooden Wonder.

Other articles focus on planes that are currently in production, such as the Citation M2, which is being manufactured by Cessna.

Flight Journal

Flight Journal includes articles on aviation history and contemporary practice; military, commercial and civil aircraft; notable personalities of aviation; technical aspects of aircraft.

Visits to air shows and museums; reports on restorations; aviation photography; three-view aircraft drawings; aviation art; and coverage of the virtual flight experiences available through computer flight simulations.