Aircraft equipment pilot guides Archer N30877

The Archer II Cherokees are tame, docile airplanes with unremarkable handling characteristics.

The stall is almost a nonevent, and these airplanes take a lot of provoking to spin. Many pilots feel that Archers are easy airplanes to consistently land well. They handle crosswinds with minimal fuss and minimal footwork, and make you look good in front of passengers and airport gawkers alike.

The first Archer received its type certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration in 1960, and the series remains in production to this day. Current models are the Arrow and the Archer TX and LX. The Archer was discontinued in 2009, but with investment from new company ownership, the model was put back into production in 2010.

Garmin GNS430W
Aspen EFD1000 Pro EFD primary flight display
S-Tec System 30 2-axis autopilot
JP Instruments FS-450 Fuel Scan