Club Info

Pompano Flying Club

Pompano Beach Flying Club

MISSION:  Provide easy access to well-maintained airplanes at affordable rates.

Planes are available to pilots with at least a student pilot certificate.

  1. Our fleet consists of 1 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee, 3 Piper PA-28-181 Archers, and a Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six, all providing the right-size aircraft for your mission.
  2. We are located at KPMP, with three runways, low traffic density, and a friendly environment.
  3. Scheduling  is available for trips of up to two weeks with no daily minimums. Certain restrictions apply.
  4. Okay to fly to the Bahamas!
  5. Club-owned survival gear (rafts, life jackets, GPS locators) at no charge.
  6. We offer easy online scheduling utilizing Schedule Master software.
  7. Each member holds his/her own keys to each aircraft and our hangar.
  8. Billing is based on a wet rate, tachometer-time, at $120/hr for Archers and $165/hr for Cherokee Six.
  9. Flying the 300hp Cherokee Six at 55% power it uses 11.3 gal/hr, the Archers use 6.8 gal/hr at 55% power.
  10. There is an entry fee of $1,700, this is refundable if you decide to leave the club.
  11. Monthly dues are $140. This pays for fixed expenses and insurance.
  12. Bills for flying time and dues are sent out monthly via email.
  13. Club approved instructors are available for flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks and instrument training.
  14. We hold monthly meetings, often with educational programs and occasional social outings.
  15. Your colleagues include current and former airline pilots, general aviation enthusiasts, and many other different types of individuals.

All Club members must meet the following club insurance requirements:

1. Have a minimum of a Private Pilot Certificate.
2. Have a current and effective medical certificate.
3. Satisfy the FAA’s flight review requirements and all applicable FAA requirements.
4. Have at least 300 hours of total logged PIC flight time or an instrument rating.  A member with less than 300 hours PIC may acquire an instrument rating with a club approved instructor, however, they may not solo club aircraft until they have 300 hours PIC or an instrument rating.

For information on current airplane hourly rates and monthly dues please refer to “Attachment A” of the Pompano Beach Flying Club Operational Rules.