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All Club members must meet the following club insurance requirements:

  1. Trainers at Pompano Beach Flying Club will help you get your student pilot certificate (the start).
  2. No minimum hours nor instrument rating required for membership, just make an appointment and get your student pilot certificate.
  3. Using the Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (n8633e) budget about 40 hours x $107/hour = $4280 aircraft costs. There are 8 trainers at Pompano Beach Flying Club so 20 to 40 hours of instruction time (varies from $1000 to $2000 instruction costs).
  4. After getting your private pilot certificate you can continue to use the same aircraft for trips with friends, start training for your instrument rating with 4 other aircraft.
  5. Monthly dues is $140/month plus a $1700 deposit, aircraft usage is billed at the end of the month.
  6. Pompano Beach Flying Club meets every 2nd Wednesday of each month so you’ll have the opportunity of meeting with 64 other pilot and learn even more.

Have a minimum of a student pilot certificate
2. Have a current medical certificate
3. Satisfy the FAA’s flight review requirement and all applicable FAA requirements to act as pilot-in-command

For information on current airplane hourly rates and monthly dues please refer to “Attachment A” of the Pompano Beach Flying Club Operational Rules.

Flying Club Bylaws

ANNUAL MEETINGS. The annual Meeting of the Stockholders shall be held at the principal office of the Corporation, on a day designated each year. If the day so designated falls upon a Sunday or a legal holiday, then the meeting shall be held upon the first secular day thereafter.

The Secretary shall serve personally, or send to each stockholder at his last known post office or e-mail address, and publish notice thereof as required by law; but at any meeting at which all stockholders shall be present, or of which all stockholders not present have waived notice in writing, the giving of notice as above required may be dispensed with.

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Pompano Beach Flying Club Operational Rules
Club rules and regulations.
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Application For Membership
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