What the aircraft hourly rates are.

Visitor Inquire:

I am a newly assigned Coast Guard pilot to the area and interested in joining a flying club. I understand there is an initial deposit of $1700 and monthly dues are $140 for your club. Just curious what the aircraft hourly rates are.
Thank you for your time.

Pompano Flying Club Reply:

Greetings Mike.

PA-28-140 (160 hp) Cherokee N8633E with Garmin dual G5 (electronic attitude and electronic HSI), Garmin GTN650, Garmin GTX345 mode-s transponder for ADS-B out/in weather/traffic, Aera 660 moving map, Jp instruments FS-450 fuel scanner, etc. is $107/hour wet. Our most popular aircraft at 55 hours/month.
PA-28-181 Archer N30877 with Garmin GNS430W, Aspen EFD1000 Pro, S-Tec System 30, JP Instruments FS-450 fuel scanner, Garmin GTX345 mode-s transponder with ADS-B out/in weather/traffic, etc is $120/hour wet. About 40 hours/month.
PA-28-181 Archer N47LH with Garmin GNS430W, Century II autopilot with S-Tec System 30 altitude hold, JP Instruments FS-450 fuel scanner, Garmin GTX330 mode-s transponder with traffic, etc is $120/hour wet. About 30 hours/month.
Fill out the membership application, send it to Carl Kennedy and we can get you on the roster right away. One of the 8 different trainers will meet with you in a few days to go over the aircraft that you want to use (perhaps Archer N30877 or Cherokee N8633E) and you’ll be good to go.
We encourage members to use self-serve wherever possible since the Pompano Beach Flying Club reimburses at the Sheltair PMP tenant rate of about $5.85/gallon. Self-serve at PMP is current $5.10/gallon and in APF, IMM, etc it is $4.10/gallon.