Aircraft equipment pilot guides Archer N30877

The Archer II Cherokees are tame, docile airplanes with unremarkable handling characteristics. The stall is almost a nonevent, and these airplanes take a lot of provoking to spin. Many pilots feel that Archers are easy airplanes to consistently land well. They handle crosswinds with minimal fuss and minimal footwork, and make […]

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Aircraft equipment pilot guides for Cherokee Six N54476

The big Six is a prodigious people packer. Resembling a stretched version of the basic Cherokee airframe, it provides slight twin performance with single-engine economy. The Six was introduced in 1965 with a 260-hp engine, which some pilots seem to feel was not quite enough power. So the people at […]

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Aircraft equipment pilot guides Piper Archer ll N47LH

The Archer II Cherokee is a family of light aircraft built by Piper Aircraft and designed for flight training, air taxi and personal use. This family of aircraft are all-metal, unpressurized, single-engine, piston-powered airplanes with low-mounted wings and tricycle landing gear. They have a single door on the copilot side, which […]

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Welcome to PBFC !

Your dream can come true! Get your private pilot certificate while you are a member of the Pompano Beach Flying Club.

  1. PBFC will help you get your student pilot certificate.
  2. No minimum hours nor instrument rating required for membership.
  3. There are 8 trainers at PBFC so 20 to 40 hours of instruction time.
  4. After getting your private pilot certificate you can continue to use the same aircraft for trips with friends, start training for your instrument rating with 4 other aircraft.
  5. Pompano Beach Flying Club meets every 2nd Wednesday of each month
  6. We also provide Private Pilot classes. 
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Why join the Pompano Flying Club?

Simple, having access to 4 (soon to be 5) different aircraft with various payload, range, speed, avionics and only paying the monthly membership fee for access. Not paying for tie-down, annual insurance, annual inspection, maintenance, avionics upgrades, etc. plus having access to the camaraderie of 60 pilots (plus 8 different […]
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What is the cost to be a member?

There are many reasons you might consider joining PBFC. The most often cited centers on the economics: Our flying club can offer many of the benefits of aircraft ownership without the hassles or expense of being totally responsible for the upkeep of one. At the same time, the rates a […]

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How many members do you have?

Flying clubs are about the passion pilots have for flight, as well as their budgets. For many pilots, the cost of owning an aircraft is beyond their means. Flying clubs offer a way for frugal pilots to co-own an aircraft. Pompano Beach Flying Club currently has 57 members, each month we do about 1.6 flight hours/member/month.

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